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the ‘Master’ Barber Backpack for Clippers and more, Heads to Corona, California

#Repost @454ss_fadezz 💈🙌🔥💈 one of the youngest barbers in the game and on his game! 🔥🔥💈 ・・・ HUGE S/O TO @barberbackpack for really hooking your local Corona California Barber 💈🔥with a backpack for house calls or just general traveling. Barber Backpack sells backpacks for all Barbers in this industry. If your looking for a Quality…

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Barber Backpack CEO Kevin L. Walker launches Version 2 Dubbed the ‘Master Barber Backpack’

The Barber Backpack launched several years ago and has since climbed to the top of the heath and beauty space, becoming of the world’s most sought after product by master barbers and pro hair-stylists. The company was launched by seasoned serial entrepreneur, Kevin L. Walker (The Creation Station Studios, Creative Geniusess, Front Camera Cover) with three locations around Southern California (North Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica).

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Entrepreneur Kevin L. Walker and Barber Backpack launches the Unique ‘Barber Backpack’

We are pleased to launch the Barber Backpack! A unique custom made backpack, hand crafted and taylor just for barbers, hair stylists, and grooming professionals! The company’s CEO Kevin L. Walker, is known for his endeavors in the entrepreneurial space, as he has founded various successful companies such as The Creation Station Studios®, Retailopolis®, ActOrganizer®, The Talent…