Kevin L Walker launches Master Barber Backpack with Vince The Barbers Endorsement

Serial Entrepreneur/Artist Kevin L. Walker (Piggy Bank Labs, The Creation Station Studios)  has linked up with barber Vince” to stock and carry “The General” backpack for barbers, by “By Appt Only Co.” The product will be launched alongside all other Barber Backpack products!

Walker is known for his endeavors in the entrepreneur space, as he has founded various successful companies such as The Creation Station Studios®, Retailopolis®, ActOrganizer®, The Talent Stage®,  Melanin Land®, Creative Geniusess®, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency List®, Front Camera Cover®, Constantly Carving®, and Piiggy Bank Blockchain Labs®, to name some.

Walker hope to inspire other Black entrepreneurs to found and create their own products and pursue passionate and meaningful endeavors.

Melanated people are underrepresented in numerous industries and I will make as much of a difference as I can. Products, entertainment, finance, technology, education, you name it,” Walker stated.




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